Russian restaurant in Wheeling

Amazing food, service and ambiance! 

The Soup: 
French onion, generous portion of the most orgasmic version of this delicacy. Could have stopped there but had to see what else this chef can do. 

The Appetizers: We had the Farmers Cheese En Croute, The Study of Foie Gras and the Smoked Salmon and Herring. The Farmers Cheese En Croute had this amazing cherry/berry reduction which went perfectly with the farmers cheese in a flaky pastry, highly recommend it! The Foie Gras was amazing, the figs, the shrooms, really one of the best preparations I have ever had! I almost wanted to drink the fat out out of the individual cast iron skillets, simply fantastic! 

The Mains: The Chilean Sea Bass was super moist and flaky. What ever they bake it in, the sauce I mean, really made it unique. My dad had the Rack Of Lamb, amazing! Poor guy lost a chop to my mom and I :) Same went for my mom's Poussin Chicken (How they made something as simple as chicken so orgasmic I do not know but the barely left the bones in tact. Perfectly cooked, individual size chicken with the most delicious crispy skin! 

 The Deserts: Presentation, taste, stick a fork in me, I am done! Really great classic deserts, not overly sweet, perfect ending to an amazing meal! 

 The Service: Top notch! Ben was our waiter, super attentive, my mom dropped her napkin, he rushed across from the kitchen to bring her another one. Not intrusive, new dishes came with every course and glasses were never empty. Knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Leave him a nice tip people :) In conclusion, this restaurant belongs on Randolph St. in the city. The atmosphere was great, the food was amazing and the service made the entire experience. Will definitely return!


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