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Russian restaurant in Wheeling

Amazing food, service and ambiance!  Russian restaurant in Wheeling
The Soup:  French onion, generous portion of the most orgasmic version of this delicacy. Could have stopped there but had to see what else this chef can do. 
The Appetizers: We had the Farmers Cheese En Croute, The Study of Foie Gras and the Smoked Salmon and Herring. The Farmers Cheese En Croute had this amazing cherry/berry reduction which went perfectly with the farmers cheese in a flaky pastry, highly recommend it! The Foie Gras was amazing, the figs, the shrooms, really one of the best preparations I have ever had! I almost wanted to drink the fat out out of the individual cast iron skillets, simply fantastic! 
The Mains: The Chilean Sea Bass was super moist and flaky. What ever they bake it in, the sauce I mean, really made it unique. My dad had the Rack Of Lamb, amazing! Poor guy lost a chop to my mom and I :) Same went for my mom's Poussin Chicken (How they made something as simple as chicken so orgasmic…